Step-by-Step Components

Because we are aware that time is an important resource both for you and for us, we have created the easiest way to know the components and how to assemble the Smart Key Holder by EmpiresKey.

Earn time using stickers

A key holder does not solve the biggest problem, finding the right key. You may be at a meeting, or have an emergency, or just want to open the house door. A key holder will just hold the keys tight, but you'll still waste time looking for the right key. We, at EmpiresKey have solved this problem and to help you, we create these wonderful stickers exactly on the size of your keys.

Be stylish

You never have to worry about keys jingling around whenever you move. This Key Holder’s COMPACT DESIGN keeps all of your keys still and SECURE, while also preventing your valuables from being scratched. That also means your pants, they will never again be poked by keys!

How can you attend/take part in a meeting and have a bunch of keys that will spoil your first impression? This is why having a compact key holder with an unrivaled design that will lead to the perfect meeting.


How it is when you get home, tired after work...maybe you had a bad day....and when you get in front of the door keep looking for the right key? We have found the solution to your problem because all of us had a bad day once, and we were not happy with it. That is why we created stickers  with a special adhesive for your keys to not get them wrong and still looking for the right key, especially when you hurry.


How about being the right person in the right place?...or increse your charisma in different situations?

Have you ever thought that the difference between you and other people could be/can be made by a device?

A key holder could be that simple object which increases your charisma and makes you a trustworthy person.


Think of your wife when trying to open a bottle or when you go downtown with friends and you have the key holder that not only keeps your keys compact, but also can open a bottle you want to give a toast in the name of an important event of your life. Think just how charismatic you will become, just because you were there for them. There are plenty of examples, I will let you create your own story and reach your potential to the fullest.



I almost forgot to tell you the most important characteristic of this magic key holder.
It can be used as a smartphone support. Remember the moments when you were travelling by train/ or car/bus and wanted
to watch your favourite NETFLIX series using your phone but you can not find a proper way to hold it?
A key holder like ours is the only thing you need to solve the problem. Try it, you will never regreat!

2 - 1500x1500
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